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Hi, my name is Jeff McFadden. In 1970 I moved to VC. The people in these photos became my friends. I knew and loved them all, and I loved VC.

The images below are part of a group of photographs taken by J.K. McFadden over a two year period between 1978-1980 in Virginia City and surrounding Madison County Montana. The entire collection constitutes photographs of approximately 150 separate individuals and 4000+ negatives. McFadden's goal was to not just get their likenesses but to try and capture who these people really were. Sometimes that would mean several days photographing just one subject. The work from McFadden's viewpoint consists of two seperate groups. Those living in and around Virginia City before 1970 and those who came after in the early 70's, a rather large and unique influx of young people. When most of these pictures were taken 1978-1979. These two groups had become a community a single thing.....VC.

There is a list of the names at the bottom of this page of the individuals photographed for this project. Please click on any of the small images below to see a larger version of the image. Please keep checking back as new
names and images will be added.
Virginia City Montana

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Selma Doll Mary

Doll Dixon

Florence Dixon


Mat Stiles

Tuffy Burgstrom

Helen & Florence Thomas

Maude & Sara Trout

Mary Kingery

Albert & Mary Kingery

Knothole (aka Albert)


Jim Vanderbeck



Betty Bubany

Frank Kinney

Kay Kinney

Ruth McCollum


Ruth Adams

Daryl Tichenor

Daryl Tichenor

Punky Tichenor

Lloyd and Barbara Brook

Lloyd Brook

Phil Brook

Mary Stiles

Mary Stiles

Mary Stiles & Minnie Hanni

Les Stiles

Les Stiles

Harley Stephens

Dorthy Stephens

Ben Williams

Ben Williams

Roger Williams

Roger and Donny Williams

Roger Williams

Lucile Dixon

Kitty Burgstrom

Nels Samolson

Ruth Samolsen

Ronald Carey

Ed Shietlin

Harvey Romey

Vera Romey

Lawrence (Chris) Christianson

Ruth Christianson

Virgil Smith

Virgil Smith

John Burgstrom

Addie Stiles

Jody Williams

Minney Hanni

Selma Brook

Elizabeth Ann Dixon

Lin Brook

Wally Newberg

Phil Mason

Con Lowney

Greg Smart

Virgil Lenz

Virgil Lenz, Greg Smart, Patsy Fitzpatrick
Greg's Front Porch

Mike Fitzpatrick

Carolyn Taylor

City Crew 1978
We're here to clean up this town!

Gary Butler

Mens Softball
Champs 1979

Girls Softball 1979

George Bailey

Randy & Rita Garcia

Dana Harvey

Ray Taylor

Virgil Lenz

Glen Bielefeldt

Bob Stone-John Tange

Daryl (DeWee) McKay

Roberta McKay

Other Photos by JK McFadden
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Ruth Adams, Ray Adams, Glen Beilifeldt, Ford Bovey, Charley Bovey, Selma Brook, Barbra Brook, Lloyd Brook, Lin Brook, Betty Bubany, Tuffy Burgsrtom, Kitty Burgstrom, Betty Burgstrom, Doll Burgstrom, Ronald Carey, Chris Christianson, Ruth Christianson, Mike Clark,
Jay Dixon, Lucile Dixon, Terry Dixon, Beth Ann Dixon, Florence Dixon, Mike Fitzpatrick, Randy Garcia, Rita Garcia, Bob Gohn, Leeta Hall, Susie Hess, Helen Hulse, Guy Hulse, Steve Hulse, Jeannie Jasmine, Albert Kingery, Mary Kingery, Kay Kinney, Frank Kinney, Julie Kinney, Virgil Lenz, Dale Lenz, Phil Mason, Rose Mason Dewee McKay, Gary McKay, Wally Newburg, Harvey Romey, Vera Romey,
Alex Rutherford, Nels Samulson, Ruth Samulson, Ed Shieltlan, Shelly Shore, Greg Smart, Bob Smith, Virgil Smith, Dorothy Stevens,
Harley Stevens, Addie Stiles, Les Stiles, Mary Stiles, Matt Stiles, Carolyn Taylor, Ray Taylor, Florence Thomas, Helen Thomas,
Punky Tichenor, Daryl Tichenor, Maude Trout, Sara Trout, Jim Vanderbeck, Ben Williams, Don Williams, Jodie Williams, Roger Williams, Smitty, Virginia City Girls Softball Team 1979, Virginia City Boys Softball Team 1979
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